So you’re thinking about getting a little healthier –Congratulations! As you know, making the decision is the first step! Those of us that have done this program love knowing that we are passing on life changing principles. Going down a jean size is awesome and that will definitely happen when you do this program; but the health, the ability to climb stairs again, the confidence that feeling good gives people, the energy to play with our kids again – this is what makes us never want to stop educating people on what we do. Pure30Life is available in the app store.  Download it...

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iClassicNu releases LottoNumbers 2.0

Following the success of LottoNumbers 1.0, release 2.0 is now available offering PUSH notification of lottery jackpot amounts.  Along with being the only app that covers the entire history of every US Lottery results, this version now allows the user to set Jackpot thresholds and then will push notifications to the user of the next jackpot amount and date.  LottoNumbers is available in the app store.  Download it...

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iClassicNu releases LottoNumbers iOS app

Working with  Jamie Tara Burcham, iClassicNu has developed and released Lotto Numbers and iOS app that tracks US Lotteries.  In this first release the iOS app displays, compares past lottery results.  The app also allows for the management of user supplied numbers and then compares those numbers to past results.  More is planned for this app as this is only the tip of the iceberg as to what this app has to offer.  Currently is it is available on the iPhone but work will begin on creating an Android version as well as a few other enhancements that are found in no other app out there.  This version currently focuses on the Texas Lotteries as well as PowerBall and Megamillions, however more games are being added each week.  The app does not have to be updated to receive these new additional games.  Watch more more to come!!!  For more visit...

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iClassicNu is a fresh and exciting independent application development company and was born by in 2009.  After years of development and analysis of the industry, iClassicNu was created to allow developers a new and inovative way to produce quality software.  Since July 2008 and the launch of the Apple iPhone App Store iClassicNu started also to develop applications and games for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. 

Our office exists only virtually on the Internet as we work remote and collaborative with our partners and friends.

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What We Do

Before graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Computer Science, Dan was a member of the Corp of Cadets where he was the Executive Officer of Squadron 3.  Dan also was active in student activities including Senior Class Gift Chairman, Muster Committee member as well as serving in Fish Camp for all 4 years of his stay at A&M including his final year as an Associate Director.  Dan started his studies in Aerospace Engineering but switched majors when he was introduced to basic computer programming his junior year.  Ever since then programming has been his passion.

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Who I Am

The founder of iClassicNu, has a long history in creating web and game applications for over 25 years now and worked in most major vertical markets as consultant and employee/contractor until he started this exciting new company.

iClassicNu is a registered company in Denton, Texas, USA.

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