Trip Buddy 2.2 Released!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2010 in Featured, News, Products

Trip Buddy 2.2 is now available in the iTunes App Store.  Get your copy today!!! Whats New: Improved memory management Battery usage indication Center point of map change on North Always Up Mode Map options buttons Display of weather map Fixes for 4.1 changes Trip Buddy is a GPS companion designed for the iPhone 3G/3GS that will accompany you on your journeys, tracking your movement and giving you current information about your location. Check your location statistics including longitude, latitude, altitude, distance traveled, speed and also current and forecasted weather conditions for the area. The main data page pinpoints your location and provides GPS tracking info on your current speed, longitude and latitude, the direction you are traveling and the cumulative distance you have covered. You can reset the distance counter to zero by tapping on the screen. You can also see a current outside temperature reading. Click on the Map tab and Trip Buddy immediately locates and tracks your path, also giving you important information such as current speed, direction traveling, and physical location. The map can be changed to “night mode” by dimming the map for easier reading at night. The map can be displayed in satellite or map mode. GPS tracking can be turned on and off allowing you to scroll around your map without the location snapping back. As well on the settings page you can change the txt color to match your eyes or your mood. Trip Buddy allows you to turn off the iPhone’s sleep feature thus allowing continuous display of Trip Buddy information. Want detailed weather information? Trip Buddy’s weather page gives you the current conditions as well as the 5 day forecast, conveniently updated as you travel. And finally…are you an expert at navigating vast mountainous regions but cannot find your car in the shopping mall parking lot? Trip Buddy can help you!! Trip Buddy allows you to simply store your current position when you park and will guide you back, pinpointing the location on your map for reference when you return with your purchases! Trip Buddy will also give you auto updated directions back to the spot. Want more from your GPS? Coming soon from Trip Buddy by iClassicNu…… Landscape map display HUD display Track, share and save...

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