ezMusic is a music player application designed for the music enthusiast.
Great for dance teachers, fitness instructors, DJs , or just for normal listening, this app allows you to create a playlist and play your selections using an easy interface.

On the go selection of a playlist
On the go editing of playlist
Orientation lock
Placement of music queues for quick playback from a specific location in song
Placement of “cuts” in music and playback of rough edit on the go
High speed scrubbing
Ability to play, repeat song or repeat list
Album art displayed as inset or watermark background
Ability to choose background from personal photos or backgrounds
Ability to add to playlist from currently playing song
Ability to continue to play music in iPod player upon exit

From the home screen of ezMusic you will notice a difference in this music player. All of your controls are at your fingertips on one screen regardless of orientation.
ezMusic allows you to access to your entire music library with just the tap of a button. Simply browse and click on the songs you wish to add. You can also edit the list and move the songs around to create a different order or delete songs as you go.

Playing songs is simple. ezMusic gives you all the controls in both portrait and landscape views. Select play, stop, next, previous from the basic controls as well as control the repeat of the current song or song list. Animated text gives you a visual confirmation of what you have chosen. Press the high speed scrub to control your song both forward and backward.

A quick and easy fly out menu of songs is available from the main screen. This quickly allows you to select a song without having to go to the playlist management screen.
eZMusic displays album art as well as giving you the ability to tap to turn it into a background watermark.

For those that need to repeat a portion or multiple portions of a song or start at a specific time queue, press one of the queue buttons to record the time mark that you require. Editing a song to hear a rough cut, is simple. Set up the queues to reflect the timing and select “play queues” and EZmusic will give you a rough cut idea of how the song will sound.

ezMusic also allows you to lock the application’s orientation so it will or will not rotate to landscape without having to lock the orientation of the entire iPhone. Unlike other music players, the ezMusic has full function in either mode.

ezMusic also allows you to customize your background from any image in your library, as well as enabling or disabling the playing of music in the background using the iPod player.

Get ezMusic today and start enjoying the ez way to play your music!



Category: Music

Released: Dec 08, 2010

Version: 1.0


1.3 MB

Language: English

Seller: iClassicNu

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