iClassicNu has been working hard to update the ezMusic app to provide for functions that today’s dance teachers are asking for. iClassicNu will now offer a new and updated version of ezMusic called ezMusicPlus. This new app allows for cue points, and the ability to change the tempo of non DRM songs without changing the pitch.  Check out the app store today!  Rather than wasting time scrubbing through your music to find a spot in the song you wish to play, allow EzMusic Plus to save that cue point so that you can repeat a section of music over and over for practice.


Tired of the iPod Player not stopping after your song plays, or wonder what the next song is.  Allow EzMusic Plus to make that simple for you.  Just create a playlist and then select a play more from (Play and Stop, Play then Next, Play then Cue, or Repeat) from the possible choices.


Wish you could slow a song down so that you can work on steps to a section of the song.  Allow EzMusic to change the TEMPO of your song WITHOUT affecting PITCH.  Partnering with Un4Seen, EzMusic now supports tempo control, allowing you to speed up or slow down a song. The ability to do this without affecting PITCH makes EzMusic a great addition to your essential apps.